Why You Should use Dog Clothes?

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Why Dog Clothes?

There are some pet owners who love dressing up their dogs, while some are still skeptical about it. Some even find it absurd. Why would you dress up a dog? There are some cases that dog clothes can actually be beneficial not only for your dogs but also for you.

Some owners dress up their dogs just for fun. But still, if your dog has little or no fur, then you should consider getting one for the cold season.

Winters are especially harsh for these dogs. Their fur is not enough to provide warmth, and some even shiver during these times. To avoid this from happening, several pet lovers and enthusiasts have come up with the idea of dressing up their pets to prepare for the cold months.

It can also be practical for the owners to let their pets wear clothes. Some dogs refuse to go out if it’s raining or it’s too cold. To coax them, owners would dress them up with sweaters to keep them warm. Raincoats and rain boots are also useful for dog owners. These clothes help keep their dogs dry and clean when going out for a short walk. This reduces time spent on the cleaning and drying afterward.

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Should my dog wear dog clothes?

It would be helpful for dogs that have thin layers of fur to have a sweater or any warm clothes during the cold days. Dog breeds like beagle, dachshund, and pit bull can be susceptible to falling temperatures. An extra layer of coating for these canines won’t hurt.

Smaller breeds can also be affected by the harsh cold. Compared to their larger counterparts, smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Boston terriers get cold easily. Despite that, this doesn’t mean that the larger breeds are safe from the shivers. Dogs that are not used to the cold season like greyhounds, might also need clothes to keep them warm. There are some breeds, like Akita and Siberian husky, that can tolerate the severe cold.

How should I choose the best clothes for my dog?

First, know the reason why you are dressing up your dog. Is it for protection during the winter walks? Is it to avoid the mess after a walk on a rainy day? Is it for a warm and cozy indoor stay during the cold weather? Or is it just to accessorize your pets? From there, you can proceed to the pet shops or specialty stores that offer dog clothes of every kind.

Next, you should think about the comfort of your dog. Take your dog’s measurements before looking for clothes. Dogs can easily take off bigger clothes, while clothes that are smaller than their actual size can be irritating and constricting. A good fit is just like an extra layer of fur, which means it won’t be easy to remove but lets the dog breathe naturally.

In spite of that, take note that not all dogs should wear dog clothes. If your pet is uncomfortable with the clothes on, then don’t make them wear one. You can try training them by slowly making them get used to it and rewarding them with treats afterward.

However, if they still feel uncomfortable, then stop. It might be too hot for them to wear one, or they just can’t come to terms with wearing one. Dog clothes are supposed to make them feel comfortable, but if they aren’t, then it defeats the purpose of getting one.

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