Why Aren’t You Using Dog Jewelry?

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Here’s a simple way to tell the world you are a dog lover – wear a piece of dog jewelry! With the increase in the demand for dog products such as food, grooming and toys, it is not surprising to see a lot of people wearing dog jewelries, too.

Wearing this jewelry piece is basically a statement of one’s love for their dog. Wanting to capture that emotion, we turn it into a well-designed jewelry we can always bring with us wherever we go.

There are several reasons for using dog jewelry.


  1. Dog breed art

There is a dog breed for every personality. Since there are qualities unique for a specific breed, an individual may get attached or is compatible with a certain breed. Which breed has won your heart? Dog lovers can display this love by wearing a piece of dog jewelry.

Some of these breed-designed pieces of jewelry highlight the distinctive attributes unique to the breed. This piece is usually a necklace that comes with a chain and pendant plated in gold, silver or black gun.

If you’re not into necklaces, then you can go with earrings printed with an image of your favorite breed.

Since these pieces are meticulously designed and elegant-looking, you can wear it both in casual and formal events.

  1. Memorial keepsake

It is difficult to move on from a furry friend who passed away. If you’re looking for a something to remember him by that you can keep close to your heart, you might want to look for a memorial jewelry.

Some of the designs that capture this precious memory include:

  1. Gift

Sometimes, it is too difficult to find someone a gift. Depending on how long you’ve known the person, getting someone a gift is indeed a challenge. But if that someone happens to be a dog lover, that takes away the worry.

Getting a dog lover a gift that expresses his or her love for dogs will always be appreciated. It’s not only adorable, but also wearable.

If your gifting it to a woman, that’ll be much better. This piece of art will surely add to her jewelry collection.

A few things to keep in mind when buying someone a dog jewelry:

  • Budget. Customized jewelries are more expensive than ready-made.

  • Breed. You might want to learn more about the dogs your gift recipient loves. You don’t want to give a Labrador-designed jewelry to someone who adores small dogs.

  • Plating. Some people prefer gold, stainless silver or simply black gun plating. Decide which plating best suits the person you want to gift it with.

  1. Charity

Are you organizing a charity event that will raise awareness for dogs or will benefit an animal shelter? There is no better way than selling a jewelry at your event and giving the proceeds to your chosen organization.

So, go ahead and check out some great dog jewelry that suits your purpose!

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